The app is developed separately from the CMS, the database and the APIs. All are modular and can be expanded at any time without unnecessary costs. Sometimes it is also necessary to change the front end when changing the backend and vice versa, but this is – because both are modular – no problem. Efficient and cost-saving.

The development of beautiful, user-friendly apps is in our DNA. User Experience (UX) design is crucial for the success of an app. The user experience is our priority. Iappstack has top designers at your disposal, who are happy to work out your ideas for you, but who can also collaborate with your own ‘house designers’.

Don`t be afraid try something new! Cryptocurrency industry is growing and has experts to guide you.

Thanks to the tailor-made CMS that we provide with every Iappstack app, you have complete control over the content and data of the app. Here too, we place high demands on user-friendliness; after all, you have to maintain the content of your app daily and manage data.